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For provision of services 'Krezol group' has highly-skilled personnel available: 
the company structure includes technical and engineering group of employees, consisting of highly-qualified chemists, laboratory engineers, geologists, process engineers, who provide general management of the technical service areas, with experience in contractual relations experience, tendering, development and organization of the new projects of the chemization management system. 

Engineering analytic center of "Krezol group" participates in the following tasks solution: 
  • Analysis of the current information on development (flow rate, working level, water cut) on complicated well stock, evaluation of changes of these parameters, issuance of service wells, indicating the type of complications and reasons for the inconsistencies of the current parameters sensitive to technological measures.
  • Analysis of the technological and economic efficiency of the chemical agents used and the choice of the most efficient technologies.
  • Development of new technologies, chemicals and their composition.
  • Issuing recommendations to combat complications based on the data on the effectiveness of the previous development, results of the laboratory and field tests of different agents on the wells of the specific oil-field, oil composition from the wells of the oil-field (schedule of activities with technological parameters of well treatment).